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Kruje is famous for being the birthplace of George KastriotiSkanderbeg, Albanian national hero. In April 1450 the castle of Kruje resisted five-month siege by the Turks, triggering a wave of euphoria in the Christian world who watched with concern the Turkish advance (Constantinople would fall three years later). The city's name derives from the Albanian word for "Krua" which means spring or source. Kruja was in fact the city of sources, being located near themountains and filled with fresh water coming down in the city. Ironically, one of the problems currently afflicting the city is inefficient hydraulic system and restricted water supply in homes.Kruja has several tourist attractions like the castle that houses the Skanderbeg Museum and the citadel with its old store, now restored. With our English-speaking guide will ensure you to see the best of Kruje.

George Kastrioti Scanderbeg

Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu in albanian. Was born in Kruje (May 6, 1405 -January 17, 1468 Lezhe) is a leader and Albanian patriot. Among the most representative figures of the fifteenth century,united the principalities of Epirus and Albania for 25 years, and resist attempts at conquest from the turkish Otomo, in defense of his Albania, Europe and the Christian faith, fromOtoman invasion; reasons why he gained from Pope Callistus III the titles Athlete of Christ and Defender of the Faith and respected and considered the national hero of Albania, and Albanians all over the world.




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